Stéphane Joost

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Stéphane Joost (Ph.D.)  is specialized in the contribution of Geographic Information Science approaches for the analysis and for the management of genetic and health data. Within a small landscapegeneticsresearch group at the Laboratory of Geographic Information Systems (LASIG), he applies spatial analysis, spatial statistics, spatial modelling, and geocomputational methods to evolutionary biology and health data. In his researches he explores the geographic dimension of genetic diversity using GIScience for the conservation of Animal genetic resources. He also makes use of environmental engineering monitoring tools (e.g. meteorological stations, airborne sensors) to enhance the quality and the spatial resolution of geo-environmental data used in landscape genomics models. Currently he is serving on the editorial boards of BMC Genetics  (associate editor), Frontiers in Genetics (associate editor), and of the International Journal of Geomatics and Spatial Analysis  (Revue Internationale de Géomatique). He is involved in numerous research projects, among which Horizon 2020 IMAGE (innovative management of aninal genetic resources) and Adaptmap (adaptation of worldwide goat breeds to their local environment).