Stefan Przyborski

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SPrzyborski_Cell-Cult-copyStefan Przyborski holds an academic position as Professor in Cell Technology at Durham University.  He has over 25 years experience in cell biology with specific interests in cell culture technology, neuroscience and stem cell research.  In recent years he has developed a multi-disciplinary approach to develop novel ways of solving biological problems.  In regard to cell technology, he is involved with the research, development and commercialization of technology to enhance the environment in which cells are cultured, to improve their growth, differentiation and function.  He is a recognized leader in the area of three dimensional (3D) cell culture and frequently contributes to inter/national meetings on this topic.  His first degree in anatomy and cell biology still to this day underpins his strong belief in the fundamental principle of how the structure is related to function at the cell and tissue level.  This is a critical aspect in cell culture where changes to cell shape radically impact cell behavior, which plays a major role in 3D cell culture.