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Professor Tiziana A.L. Brevini is the chair of CellFit a new European network of excellence (COST Action CA16119), with competence on all levels within fundamental biology, bio-engineering as well as clinical research. CellFit aims to translate the present basic knowledge in cell control, cell repair and regeneration from the laboratory bench to the clinical application. Furthermore, CellFit will create synergies, optimize the use of human and financial resources and foster the value of ex vivo models for European R&D operations.

Funds are available for a number of interesting activities aimed at young scientists including Training schools, Short Term Missions and Conferences.



L’Ateneo di Milano a luglio 2015 ha aderito a Research4Life.

Research4Life è uno spazio dove informare il pubblico (cittadini, Istituzioni, media e mondo scientifico) e proporre idee per lo sviluppo della ricerca biomedica e dove il tema dell’utilizzo degli animali a fini scientifici viene correttamente affrontato e veicolato nei confronti dell’opinione pubblica. Il messaggio principale che R4L vuole fare arrivare ad una platea molto ampia è “Migliorare la qualità di Vita, attraverso la diffusione della cultura della Ricerca scientifica".


COST Action BM1308 - Sharing advances on large animal models (SALAAM)

Dedicated to the themes of Translational Medicine this Action provides excellent opportunities for international networking and Short Term Missions around the Continent.


COST Action CM1406 Epigenetic Chemical Biology (epichembio)

Dedicated to Epigenetics, the heart of gene regulation that determines which genes are activated or silenced, this action establish the first European chemical biology network focused on this discipline.
Another excellent opportunity for Short Term Missions and Training Schools


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Epigenetics and Periconception Environment - COST Action FA1201.
COST actions provide excellent opportunities for Short Term Missions around the Continent.