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Applications are now open for 11 positions within the European Joint Doctorate in Molecular Animal Nutrition (MANNA) is a EU network whose mission is to provide a Double Doctorate level training programme, valid throughout all Europe, on innovative technologies applied to animal science and nutrition. MANNA will provide future research leaders with the capability to address the needs to improve livestock health, welfare and efficiency. The MANNA Joint Doctoral project is a Marie-Skłodowska Curie Innovative Training Network funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 Programme.





We are happy to announce that Elena Facchini (tutor: Prof. Rizzi), 31° class PhD student, won the prize for the best student poster during the 13th COLOSS Conference in Athens, 2-3 November 2017. COLOSS (Prevention of honey bee COlony LOSSes) is an international, non-profit association headquartered in Bern, Switzerland that is focussed on improving the well-being of bees at a global level.


The poster is entitled “Catch me if you S-can!” and it is the result of the collaboration with Maria Elena Andreis, 31° class PhD student, and Prof. Mauro Di Giancamillo.









Our PhD student Laura Terzaghi (Tutor: Prof.ssa Lodde – Prof.Luciano) received a Young Researcher Award from the Società Italiana di Istochimica to give an oral presentation entitled “Progesterone Receptor Membrane Component 1 (PGRMC1) Expression In Canine Mammary Tumors” at the 37° Congresso Nazionale Società Italiana di Istochimica held in Taormina 22-23 September 2017.

Dr. Marco Tecilla's (Tutor Prof. Roccabianca) poster titled: "IBD associated necrotizing vascular lesions is a Boa constrictor imperator" has been awarded best poster at the 3rd Joint European Congress of the ESVP, ESTP and ECVP held in Lyon from August 30th to September  2nd, 2017.




Carlotta Catozzi, class 32° PhD student, won the scholarship offered by the ELANCO company for the best oral presentation entitled “water buffalo milk microbiota related to health status”. The award was delivered during the RNIV (veterinary immunology national society) session at the SISVet (Italian Society of Veterinary Sciences) congress in Naples (06/28/2017 – 07/01/2017)

SISVET web page:




Our PhD Student Marta Bottagisio (Supervisor Prof. Luigi Bonizzi) recently won the "Progetto Professionalità Ivano Becchi" award offered by the Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lombardia. Thanks to this opportunity, she will be able to spend six months at the Center for Biofilm Engineering at the Montana State University, USA. During the training period, her work will be focused on the development of dynamic systems to culture biofilm-forming bacteria upon metallic materials, to resemble orthopedic implants.



Our students Alessandro Zenobi, Matteo Ghiringhelli and Elena Manzoni have been selected to attend the 3rd Training School “Principles and Procedures of Tissue Sampling and Biobanking including Legal and Ethical Aspects” organized by COST Action BM1308 (Sharing Advances on Large Animal Models – SALAAM) and hosted by Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München from 27 to 31 March.






Congratulations to our PhD Student Sara Francesca Santagostino (Supervisor Prof. Paola Roccabianca) who was awarded the ESTP Dissertation Thesis Award as the best European spontaneous toxicological pathology study entitled "“Aquatic pollution and biological monitoring of the marine environment: toxicology, histopathology and ecological risk of selected fish species” due to the relevance of the study in the biomonitoring of the marine environment if the Mediterranean Sea" during the 14th European Congress of Toxicological Pathology Meeting held in Barcelona from September 20 to 23, 2016.




Laura Terzaghi (Tutors Luciano-Lodde) has been awarded a Short Term Scientific Mission (STSM) by the COST Action FA1201- EPICONCEPT Epigenetics and Periconception Environment - Periconception environment as an epigenomic lever for optimising food production and health in livestock.
She will spend three months working in Prof. Trudee Fair laboratory at University College Belfield, Dublin investigating on the contribution of progesterone receptors in regulating bovine oocyte developmental competence.



During the national fish pathologycongress "XXII Convegno Nazionale S.I.P.I. - Società Italiana Patologia Ittica" held in Fondazione Edmund Mach - San Michele All'Adige (TN) - 8-9 September 2016, our student Alessandra Cafiso (tutor Dr. Chiara Bazzocchi) was awarded 2nd place for "Ettore Grimaldi 2016 Award" for the "best scientific publication on fish pathology topic and related issues written by an under 40 young researcher" for her paper "Molecular evidence for a bacterium of the family Midichloriaceae (order Rickettsiales) in skin and organs of the rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss (Walbaum) affected by red mark syndrome".


Joel Fernaberlinndo Soares Filipe (Ph.D. student; Tutor Prof. Riva) was awarded best poster for his posterpresentation at the 2nd Conference on Innate Immunity and Immune System diseases that was held in Berlin, Germany on the 21-23 July 2016; his work was about the Role of PTX3 in the immune response to S. aureus intramammary infection.




Joel Fernando also won a fellowship for attending the congress of Rete Nazionale di Immunologia Veterinaria (RNIV) which was held on the 13-16 June, during the SISVet 2016 in Palermo, Italy. He presented the research results of the project: "Piglets fed seed-based oralvaccine against verocytotoxic E. coli - in vivo study".


 Our student Raphaelle Prinsen has won a fellowship for attending the 67th Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science scheduled at Belfast UK, 29 Aug-2 Sept 2016. She will present her work on Copy Number Variants in cattle in the genetic session.











Our student Matteo Ghiringhelli has won a fellowship for attending the fifth edition of Trieste Next-European Science Research Forum, scheduled on September 23-25, 2016.
The relationship between mankind and machines will be at the very heart of the 2016 Edition of Trieste Next and will inspire both the calendar of conferences/symposia/workshops and the rich schedule of “lab” activities


Our student Stefano Frattini has been selected to attend the 2016 LERU Doctoral Summer School ‘’Data Stewardship for Scientific Discovery and Innovation’’ which will run 10-15 July at the Leiden University Medical Center, the Medical Faculty of Leiden University.


  Our student Giovanni Quintavalle Pastorino presented his research to the young students attending the the Statale Open Day last Saturday 21 May 2016. 

His story has been picked up by Il Giorno




Our student Giovanni Quintavalle Pastorino has been interviewed by Radio Popolare regarding his project on large carnivores and felids behaviour and personality and other topics ranging from zebras, zoos, Amur tigers, leopards and domestic cats. Listen to what he said here



Matteo Ghiiringhelli was selected to participate to the Trait Ontologies and Systematic Phenotyping of Large Animals - Salaam COST Action BM1308 - Madrid, Spain 11 April 2016 - 15 April 2016. The course is held on the grounds of the Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Tecnología Agraria y Alimentaria (INIA), the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) and the Centro Militar de Veterinaria de la Defensa (CEMIVET).

The course is available for 25 attenders selected from European universities. 




Elena Franca Maria Manzoni was selected to participate to the Training School on Chromatin, Epigenome and Drug Discovery: 21st-23rd March 2016 organized by Epigenetic Chemical Biology – Action CM1406) and hosted by the Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli, Italy.



Alessandro Zenobi has participated to the Scientific Meeting  of COST Action BM1308 (Sharing Advances on Large Animal Models – SALAAM), in Poznan (Polony) from  13 to 16 December 2015. 
He presented a poster entitled: Establishment of a CRISPR-CAS9 mediated Oct4 gene knock out model to investigate pluripotency control in epigenetically converted fibroblasts     A. Zenobi · Y. Zhou · Y. Liu · Y. Luo · T.A.L. Brevini · F.Gandolfi




Giovanni Quintavalle Pastorino has been interviewed by Radio Popolare about his project on the Asiatic lion in collaboration with London Zoo.

Clic here to listen at the interview



 Matthew Leach, scientist researching methods for assessing and alleviating post-procedure pain and distress in a range of animal species at the Centre for Behaviour atopond Evolution (Newcastle University), will give a seminar entitled “Pain in non-human animals and ITS assessment”. Matthew’s research goal is to further develop and validate the use of facial expressions for the assessment of pain in rodents, rabbits and macaques. He is also involved in development of effective means of assessing pain and distress in other species including; dogs, horses, pigs and sheep.

cavalloWhen: April 4th from 9am to 4pm

Where: Aula Stazzi – Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale della Lombardia e dell’Emilia Romagna, Via Celoria 12, Milano

(Host Prof. Elisabetta Canali and Dr. Michela Minero).

As part of his PhD research, our student Giovanni Quintavalle Pastorino (Tutor Prof. Mariangela Albertini) is conducting a behavioral study in the new Land of the Lions enclosure at ZSL London Zoo.
This is a brand new Asiatic lion enclosure this spring, designed as a breeding centre for the endangered big cats and an immersive experience to inspire and educate the Zoo’s visitors to support ZSL’s international conservation efforts.
Wild Asiatic lions are found only in the Gir Forest region, in the Indian state of Gujarat. Protected by law, the lions play an important role in the local community who deeply value the presence of the big cats. But due to their limited range, they are at threat from disease outbreak and conflict with humans in villages less comfortable with their presence.
Giovanni is investigating keeper-lion interactions during training and how the Asiatic lions will utilize the enclosure’s space and the social interactions with each other.
The Land of the Lions at ZSL London Zoo will also support a global breeding effort, while bringing the Gir Forest to Life in London.

Become a Wildlife Champion
ZSL Asiatic lions campaign forms a cornerstone of their work to secure a future for those animals under threat of extinction. Give just £3 a month to ZSL Champion community to help them and other animals most at risk.


Chantal Farmer, research scientist in sow lactation biology with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada in Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada will give a seminar entitled “Milk production and mammary development in swine” on December the 17th at 11.00 (Host Prof. Valentino Bontempo).

Her research goal is to increase sow milk yield, thereby increasing piglet growth, and she has recently focussed on the control of mammary gland development. She has been president of the Canadian Society of Animal Science, Editor-in-chief of the Canadian Journal of Animal Science, member of the editorial board for the Journal of Animal Science and the journal Domestic Animal Endocrinology. Dr. Farmer has won the “Award for technical innovation in enhancing production of safe affordable food” in 2003 from the Canadian Society of Animal Science and a travel Award from the American Society of Animal Science (ASAS) Dr. Farmer is currently on the executive board of the American Society of Animal Science (ASAS).


We congratulate our student Maurizio Longo (Tutor: Prof. Mauro Di Giancamillo), from the Diagnostic Imaging Division of the Az. Polo Veterinario di Lodi, for having been selected for a Diagnostic Imaging Scholarship/Residency program at the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, University of Edinburgh. Maurizio will spend the last year of the PhD Course in Edinburgh, following with his project under the supervision of Prof. Tobias Schwarz and Prof. Tiziana Liuti. The University of Edinburgh has been ranked 1st in the UK at the 2014 Research Excellence Framework for Agriculture and Veterinary Research.


Congratulations to our student Claudia Perrini from the Reproduction Unit of Large Animal Hospital in Lodi (Università degli Studi di Milano) who was selected to give the oral communication entitled “Microvesicles secreted from equine amniotic-derived cells and their potential role in reducing inflammation in endometrial cells in an in vitro model” by  Claudia Perrini, Paola Esposti, Maria Chiara Deregibus, Giovanni Camussi, Luisa Pascucci, Maria Giovanna Marini, Bruna Corradetti, Davide Bizzaro, Fausto Cremonesi, Anna Lange-Consiglio at the "GISM Annual Meeting 2015" held in Brescia 8-9 October 2015.

She also received the Young Investigator Award 2015 from the Gruppo Italiano Staminali Mesenchimali (GISM) for the best poster presentation and received a grant in the amount of 300 €.



Dr. Laura Terzaghi of Redbiolab received a Young Researcher Award from the Società Italiana di Istochimica to give an oral presentation entitled “Progesterone Receptor Membrane Component-1 (PGRMC1) plays a role in bovine granulosa cells mitosis” by L.Terzaghi, A.M. Luciano, M. Zuccotti, V. Merico, S. Garagna, S. Modina and V. Lodde at the "61° Convegno Gruppo Embriologico Italiano - 36° Congresso della Società Italiana di Istochimica" held in Pisa 18-22 June 2015.
Dr. Terzaghi was also co-author of the oral communication “Progesterone receptor membrane component 1 (PGRMC1) action during bovine oocyte meiosis: a functional study” by V. Lodde, I. Tessaro, L. Terzaghi, F. Raucci, F. Franciosi, G. Sivelli, S. Modina, J.J. Peluso A.M. Luciano that was presented at the same meeting.



We congratulate our student Marcella De Maglie, tutor Prof. Eugenio Scanziani, who has been admitted at the Fall School in Neuroscience that will be held on September 29 th - October 2 nd 2015 at Baveno (Stresa), Italy.
This year theme is “The adaptive brain from development to disease”.


Learning Imaging Mass Spectrometry (IMS) for monitoring Microbial competition between Listeria monocytogenes and Lactococcus lactis


Isabella Alloggio (Tutor Prof. Luigi Bonizzi) will spend 6 months in the Dorrestein laboratory on the use of an advanced Analytical Chemistry technique called Imaging Mass Spectrometry (IMS) for the purpose of investigating ways to reducing the growth of particularly harmful bacteria on food products.




Alessandro Zenobi has been awarded a Short Term Scientific Mission (STSM) by the COST Action BM 1308 SALAAM (Sharing Advances on Large Animal Models). He will spend two months at the Danish Regenerative Engineering Alliance for Medicine laboratory (DREAMlab) part of the Department of Biomedicine, Aarhus University, Denmark.


He will work under the supervision of Prof. Yonglun Luo, on the use of /Cas9 technology for the genomic editing of human and mouse cell lines.


Adrenalectomy in a lion (Panthera Leo)


On the 20th of April, our PhD Student Maurizio Longo (Tutor: Prof. Mauro Di Giancamillo) actively took part to the world's first-ever case of laparoscopic adrenalectomy performed on a lion. The minimally invasive surgery technique, has been realized with the help of the SOFAR® Telelap ALF-X surgical robot at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital of Lodi. Maurizio is part of the Medical Unit of the Veterinary Hospital headed by Giuliano Ravasio, project manager and head of the Anaesthesia Operative Unit of Lodi Veterinary Hospital of the University of Milan, Davide Zani, deputy head of the Radiology Operations Unit of the Lodi Veterinary Hospital, with contributions of the DVMs Stefano Nicoli and Luca Formaggini.


The patient was able to walk just three hours after coming round. Normal body functions were completely restored within the next 24 hours. The lion is now fully recovered and back home at the Langhe Murazzano Safari Park in the province of Cuneo (Italy). This pioneering surgery performed on a lion could open the door to a new era of robotic surgery in veterinary medicine.

Ewa Waszkiewicz has finished her visit at the Laboratory of Biomedical Embriology under the supervision of Professor Tiziana Brevini and went back to her Department of Animal Physiology of the University of Warmia and Mazury. During her stay Ewa successfully worked on the isolation and culture of pig myometrium stem cells for developing an animal model for the study of human uterine tumors.

Before leaving she wrote this farewell note:

Ciao Ragazzi!


It was very nice to be a guest of your University! Thank you Anatomia-UniStem for being the best Lab Team ever! Thanks to you I’ve achieved practical skills that I needed, but also I’ve started speak Italian and I’ve experienced real Italian culture, not only. If it will be possible I will come back here for sure, although Italy is absolutely lovely place to live with fantastic people. While coming here I felt like a stranger, now I feel like I was leaving home.
That’s why I do not say “Addio”, but “Ciao! Ci vediamo dopo!”


Dr. Laura Terzaghi of Redbiolab have been selected to receive a grant from the Larry Ewing Memorial Trainee Travel Fund (LEMTTF) in the amount of US$400 to present the research results at the 48th Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Reproduction in San Juan, Puerto Rico (USA), 18–22 June 2015.

Laura will present the research entitled "Role of Progesterone Receptor Membrane Component-1 in regulating bovine granulosa cells mitosis: a preliminary study" by Terzaghi L., Luciano A.M., Merico V., Zuccotti M., Garagna S., Modina S. and Lodde V.
She is also co-author of the communication entitled "Functional assessment of Progesterone Receptor Membrane Component 1 (PGRMC1) action during bovine oocyte meiosis by means of PGRMC1 inhibitor and small-interfering RNA mediated gene silencing" by Lodde V., Tessaro I., Raucci F., Franciosi F., Terzaghi L., Modina S.C., Peluso J.J. and Luciano A.M. that will be also presented at the 48th SSR Annual Meeting.

11032015Marco Albonico wlll participate to the meeting Experimental Biology 2015, in Boston from  30 March to 2 April 2015. He will present a poster entitled Effects of a Fusarium Mycotoxin, Beauvericin, on Bovine Granulosa Cell Proliferation and Steroid Production M. Albonico,  L. F. Schutz, F. Caloni,  C. Cortinovis, L.J. Spicer.

18022015 1

We welcome Ewa Waszkiewicz, a polish PhD student at the Department of Animal Physiology of the University of Warmia and Mazury.

18022015 2

Ewa graduated in 2014 in Molecular Biotechnology with a thesis on the “Expression of interleukin-1β system in porcine (Sus scrofa domestica) Fallopian tube during early pregnancy”.
During her PhD project she will study the regulation of porcine myometrium secretions under the supervision of Prof. Anita Franczak.
She was awarded a Short Term Scientific Mission grant by EPICONCEPT – Epigenetics and Periconceptional Environment COST Action. She will work in the Laboratory of Biomedical Embryology under the supervision prof. Tiziana Brevini on the project “Epigenetic potential in uterine stem cells: an experimental approach of working with stem cells”. Ewa will stay in Milan until the 18th of April 2015.


Congratulation to our Colleague Fabio Acocella, Faculty member of the SVA PhD Course, for his work “Airway fistula closure after stem-cell infusion” recently published on the New England Journal of Medicine.


In his work Fabio and his co-authors describe the use of bone marrow derived stem cells for the healing of a bronchopleural fistula. This brilliant result was possible thanks to an extensive preclinical work in animal models.




eavdi logo

Maurizio Longo together with Dr. Donatella De Zani, Dr. Davide Zani and his tutor Prof. Di Giancamillo, were awarded the 1st price for their poster presentation entitled "CONTRAST ENHANCED MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING IN HORSES USING INTRAVENOUS OR INTRARTERIAL INJECTION OF GADOLINIUM" at the European Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging Conference 27-30 august 2014, Utrecht (NL).15122014_2







08102014 1   08102014 2

Prof. Peter Dovc, PhD,
Head of the Genetic Laboratory,
University of Ljubljana • Department of Animal Science
will give a lecture on Studies on obesity in humans and domestic animals: identification of candidate genes and ways to manipulate energy metabolism.

Thursday 16 Ottober at 11.00
Sala del Consiglio - via Celoria 10 - Milano

 07102014 1          07102014 1

Our congratulations to Marco Albonico (Ph.D. student; Tutor Prof. Caloni) who was awarded 4th place and a $500 prize for his poster presentation at the 11th Annual Research Symposium in Biological Sciences at Oklahoma State University; his research was in the area of toxicity of fusariotoxins and endocrine disruptors on granulosa cell function in vitro.

 12092014 1    12092014 2

On September 15th 2014 Prof. Carlo Pelliciari will give the inaugural lecture of the Course “Digital images for scientific publishing” coordinated by Dr Valentina Lodde. Prof. Pelliciari is the President of the Italian Society of Histochemistry and Editor-in-Chief of the European Journal of Histochemistry.

 Population Genetics Introductory    Population Genetics Introductory

Raphaëlle Prinsen is attending the 2014 Population Genetics Introductory Course (1st Sept – 4th Oct 2014) in Vienna, which is organized by the Vienna Graduate School of Population Genetics and hosted by the Veterinärmedizinische Universität Wien.

 ZSL London zoo

Giovanni Quintavalle Pastorino will conduct a behavioral study in the new Tiger territory enclosure at ZSL London zoo.

He will focus on how the new Sumatran tiger cubs utilize the enclosure’s space and how parents and cubs react to Zoo late openings during June and July.

aper expo web 

On Friday 23 May 2014 at Polo Universitario Veterinario di Lodi an interesting meeting on the relationship between human and animal health.

event 23 05 2014

Friday May 23 rd - h 14:00 – AULA A

Department of Pharmacological and Biomolecular Sciences

Via Balzaretti 9, Milan

Marco Albonico will conduct research at Oklahoma State University, Department of Animal Science from 1 April to 1 October 2014. His activity will be focused on mycotoxins, with particular interest devoted to fusariotoxins, and in vitro effects and toxicity on swine and bovine granulosa cells.

Giovanni Quintavalle Pastorino has been in London working in London zoo from March the 4th to March the 15th 2014. He collaborated with Mr. Paul Pearce-Kelly (London zoo senior curator), Prof. Richard Preziosi (Manchester University) and Dr. Fiona Sache (London zoo nutrition expert) on the organization of an international zoo monitoring network on polar bears.

Isabella Alloggio has taken part to the Training School on Proteome BioInformatics in Barcelona: 7th-10th April 2014 organized by COST Farm Animal Proteomics (FA1002) and hosted by the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona.