Microbiology 1

Research title:

SAFEMILK: Microbiology, proteomics and metaproteomics of dairy products 

Tutor: Prof. Luigi Bonizzi


Contact details

Luigi Bonizzi- Department of Veterinary Medicine University of Milan;

0250318177; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


State of the art 

Milk safety and quality and their associated risks pose a major concern worldwide regarding not only the relative economical losses but also the potential danger to consumer's health. Customer's confidence in the integrity of the milk supply could be hampered by inappropriate milk safety measures. A lack of measures and reliable assays to evaluate and maintain a good control of milk characteristics may affect the milk industry economy started from animal welfare and shatter consumer confidence. It is imperative to create and to establish fast and reliable analytical methods that allow a good and rapid analysis of milk and dairy products during the whole food chain, including animal health.  Proteomics can represent a powerful tool to address this issue, due to its proven excellent quantitative and qualitative drawbacks in protein analysis. This field is rapidly emerging and there are many applications of proteomics in the past few years in milk science from food processing, allergies, and possible contaminants like bacteria, fungi, and other pathogens. In particular, the study of microbiota with metaproteomics approach will give new insights in this field. 

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Aims of the project 

This project will address a new rapid system for the monitoring of microbiota in animal health, milk and dairy products along the food chain. In particular, the project will be able to correlate the microbial ecosystem in milk and dairy products to the environment and to animal health. These will be realized through the integrations of high throughput molecular approaches (metagenomics-metaproteomics) applied to animal health and related milk and dairy products.


Recent publications of the tutor in the field 

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