Talenti / Crepaldi


Ph.D. Student: Andrea Talenti
Master degree in Plants, Food and Environment Biotechnology with final grade of 110/110 cum laude. Author of the thesis “Analysis of a high density panel of SNP markers for parentage analysis in Capra hircus”. Currently involved in genomic data analysis of ruminant species. Main focus of studies on genotype data analysis with bioinformatic tools and software.


Tutor: Paola Crepaldi
Associate Professor in Animal Breeding and Genetics at the Department of Veterinary Science and Public Health of the University of Milan, Italy. Currently her main research fields deal with genomic researches in cattle, goat and sheep to analyze genetic diversity, and to trace animal, breeds and products. Coordinator of the Italian Goat Consortium. Involved in an European Project of Gender Equality in Science.

Research project:

Analysis of genomic data in ruminant species for parentage, product tracing and population structure studies.


Fast development of genome sequencing techniques led to the production of a huge amount of genomic data.

In particular, national and international consortia produced data for several ruminant species.
This data availability has enabled a more detailed study of genetic structure of populations. It has also allowed to study genomic regions involved in animal adaptation to environment and breeding conditions. In addition, those data enabled the production of panels of markers for traceability and parentage assessment.
The project aim is to analyze genomic data, already available from national and international projects, for goat, ovine and bovine species.


Work packages main aim is to provide a better understanding of genetic relationships and to analyze selection signatures. Particular focus will be placed on Capra hircus genome studies. Estimated results will be scientific publication and analytic pipelines to identify cost-effective panels for parentage or traceability.