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Hydra X Summer School on Stem Cell Biology

September 7th-14th, 2014

This summer school will provide a critical analysis of contemporary issues in stem cell biology. During the in-depth, week-long programme, participants will attend lectures and workshops on
The biology of stem cells – embryonic, fetal and adult systems
Plasticity, epigenetic regulation, signaling and niche
Clinical applications and clinical trials
Ethics and patents in stem cell research

The summer school is open to postgraduate research students, postdoctoral researchers, senior researchers, clinical training fellows and technicians from universities, research institutes and industry, working in stem cell biology or related fields.


Professor Clare Blackburn,
University of Edinburgh

Dr Kim Jensen
University of Cambridge

Dr Sally Lowell
University of Edinburgh

Professor Austin Smith,
University of Cambridge

Additional information and registration

Questions? Please email katia.hervy@ed.ac.uk

Or visit https://www.regonline.co.uk/builder/site/default.aspx?EventID=1479356

Twitter: @HydraSchool

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