Università degli Studi di Milano - Centro di ricerca sulle cellule staminali

2015 NSAS Courses

June 6th -13th, 2015

Inside the lecture rooms and around the fascinating atmosphere of the Tuscan Villa and the alpine convent cloister the world’s leading investigators will discuss upcoming scientific challenges with a small, highly selected number of participants in a unique setting, nestled within the most idyllic landscapes of Tuscany and Südtirol.

For one intense week you will work alongside faculty that are undisputed leaders in their own field: the result is a profound experience that fosters professional and personal development.

In a proven, unique format you will be exposed to a high-impact learning experience, often taking you outside the comfort zone of your own technical expertise, that will empower you with new analytical and strategic skills across areas of neuroscience.

You will gain a heightened awareness for fields of neuroscience relevant for your activity and, perhaps most important to you, a place within an elite global network of neuroscientists.

The historic locations provide the perfect setting to a relaxed yet intense learning atmosphere, with the stunning backdrop of the Tuscan and Alpine landscapes. World-class wines and traditional foods will make each Course the experience of a lifetime.

Elena Cattaneo will coordinate Neural Stem Cell –  Development and Brain Repair in Cortona from June 6th to 13th.

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