Current position

Associate Professor at the Department of Mathematics of the Università degli Studi di Milano.

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See the web page of the Complex Algebraic Geometry Group in Milano.

Research interests

Algebraic geometry and homological algebra. In particular:

  • Derived categories of coherent sheaves and twisted sheaves, dg categories.
  • Fourier-Mukai functors and Fourier-Mukai kernels (triangulated and dg versions).
  • Stability conditions on derived and triangulated categories.
  • Varieties with trivial canonical bundle with particular attention to K3 surfaces and abelian varieties.
  • Geometry of smooth cubic hypersurfaces.

Financial support

My research is partially supported by the research projects:

  • FIRB 2012 "Moduli Spaces and Their Applications" (web page);
  • The national research project "Geometria delle Varietà Proiettive" (PRIN 2010-11) (web page).