Gianluca Pozzi


Senior Researcher at CNR-ISTM

Expertise: Organic synthesis

Laurea in Industrial Chemistry, magna cum laude (University of Milano, 1983-1988). PhD in Industrial Chemistry for research work on the synthesis of models of Cytochrome P-450 done at the Department of Organic Chemistry of the University of Milan under the supervision of Prof. Fernando Montanari (1990-1992). In 1989 he was a junior researcher at the R&D Dept. of Enichem Synthesis. In 1993-1994, as a recipient of a Marrion-Merrel Dow post-doctorial fellowship, he was a member of Prof. Guy Ourisson’s team at the Université Louis Pasteur (Strasbourg, France) where he investigated the chemistry and biophysics of synthetic models of biomembranes. In 1995 he accepted a temporary position as a researcher of the National Research Council (CNR) at the Center for the Study of Synthesis and Stereochemistry of Organic Systems (CSSSO, Milano) where he developed the synthesis and applications of highly fluorinated catalysts for organic reactions in non-conventional reaction media. His achievements in this field were recognized with the attribution of the Federchimica National Prize “For a clever future” in 1999. In 1998 he moved to the Institut de Recherche sur la Catalyse (IRC, Lyon) where he was appointed invited foreign researcher of the French National Research Council (CNRS) and studied the application of recyclable palladium catalysts in organic synthesis. In 1999 he was back to the CSSSO and in 2001 he became a researcher at the CNR Institute of Molecular Sciences and Technologies (ISTM) in Milano. He was appointed senior researcher of the CNR in 2006. From 2005 to 2008 he served as the coordinator of the research unit “New catalysts for commodities” associated to the Project PM.P03.004 “Innovative Products and Processes for Sustainable Chemistry” of the CNR Molecular Design Dept., and to date he is a team member of the research unit “Molecular, supramolecular and macromolecular systems with photonic and optoelectronic properties” associated to the Project PM.P04 “Nano-organized systems with electronic, photonic and magnetic properties” of the CNR Dept. of Chemical Science and Material Technology CNR. He was the scientific responsible of the “Milano 2 Unit” in the frame of the EC Research and Training Network “Fluorous Phase” (2001-2004), the Italian responsible for the bilateral Italian-French project Galileo “Influence of molecular architectures on catalytic activities: from self-assembled monolayers to dendrimers” (2006-2007) and the EC COST Action D29 “New Fluorous Media and Processes for Cleaner and Safer Chemistry” (2005-2008). In 2011 he received the International Fluorous Technology Award. He is co-author of 96 peer-reviewed scientific publications considering articles on international journals and book-chapters (h-index = 27, ISI web of knowledge, March 28, 2013). He presented 42 contributions to national and international conferences and 17 invited lectures at international conferences and national and international institutions.




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