Anna Maria Ferretti


Research Scientist at CNR-ISTM
Synthesis of nanomaterials/ HRTEM / SQUID.

2009- today  Research Scientist, ISTM-CNR (Istituto di Scienze e Tecnologie Molecolari – CNR) Lab. di Nanotecnologie Via Fantoli 16/15 20138 Milano

2003-2009   Research Scientist, INFM (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica della Materia) at National Lab MDM.

Synergistic activities.

1999-2001    Tutor course Università degli Studi di Milano, “Interpretation of EPR-ENDOR monocrystal spectra”, Laurea in Chimica.
2000-2002   Tutor of two students during their research work in fulfillment of their duties
2003             Examiner of graduation thesis


1999   “Laurea” in Chemistry, Università degli Studi di

2002   PhD in Chemical Sciences, Università degli Studi di Milano. During the PhD I spent one year at the ETH of Zurich (Switzerland) working on my PhD thesis.

2002   JEOL young investigator Prize (35th Annual International Meeting: Advanced Techniques and Applications of EPR, Apr 7th-11th April 2002, Aberdeen, Scozia), because of my research work on the iron doped catalysts.

2003   Post-Doctoral Fellow sponsored by Fondazione Telethon, at Neuroscience department Fondazione San Raffaele. Determination of protein structure with NMR


My research activity focused in the past onto chemical-physical characterization of paramagnetic center with advanced EPR spectroscopic techniques. Afterwards, from 2009 it shifted onto nanotechnology, in particular to the synthesis of ferro-, antiferro-, and ferri-MNPs and to the study, with SQUID magnetometer, of their magnetic properties. From July 2010 I have broadened my interests to the High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy (HR-TEM) not only from the morphological but also from the analytical point of view (EELS, ESI, STEM/EDX). This is the leading characterization technique in the nanomaterial field: in fact it provides morphological information direct-coupled with the chemical and physical properties of the studied sample.



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