Vladimiro Dal Santo


Senior researcher at CNR-ISTM

Expertise: Preparation, characterization and testing of heterogeneous catalysts and photocatalysts for H2 production.


PhD in Chemical Sciences, January 2002, University of Milano (Italy)

Degree in Chemistry, February 1997, University of Milano (Mark:110/100).


Institute of Molecular Science and Technologies, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR), Milano, Italy, Researcher Scientist from December 2001 – December 2009; Senior Researcher Scientist from January 2010 – Present

Research areas

Development of photocatalysts (hematite nanostructured films photoelectrodes for water PEC; TiO2, doped and un-doped functionalized with metal NPs for hydrogen production by water photosplitting/renewables photoreforming; studies of plasmonic effects, etc.).

Development of heterogeneous catalysts, based on metal NPs supported on mixed oxides for hydrogen production by steam reforming of renewable/waste raw materials (glycerol, acetic acid, bio-ethanol, etc.).

Preparation and characterization of heterogeneous catalysts, based on Cu, Co NPs hosted in mesoporous silicas for syngas production by methanol decomposition.

Honours, Awards, Fellowships, Membership of Professional Societies

Responsible of CNR research line PM PM.P03.005 “New materials for energy, hydrogen technology and biofuels” from November 2008.

Member of the working group “Materials for energy” of A4MIt and of the “Lombardy Cluster for Energy and Environment”.

Referee of International projects (Georgia National Science Foundation, TWAS, KU (Catholic University of Leuwen), WFO (Research Foundation – Flanders)), F.R.S.-FNRS (Fonds de la Recherche Scientifique – FNRS, Belgium).


Vladimiro Dal Santo is the author of over 60 papers, published in journals and books, and of one PCT patent. Considering uniquely the ISI Web of Science data bank, Vladimiro Dal Santo is the author of 57 international papers, with a Citation Index of 1080 and Hirsch-Index of 19. Vladimiro Dal Santo acts as a reviewer for several international journals in the fields of catalysis and chemical engineering (Nature Materials, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., ChemSusChem, Appl. Catal. B, Environ.; App. Catal. A, Gen.; Langmuir; Green Chem., etc.).

Cooperations and contracts

Vladimiro Dal Santo actively participated to and was the responsible of research contracts between ISTM-CNR and private companies based in Italy (Acta SpA, Reeves SpA, Trelleborg SpA)

Financed project: V. Dal Santo is the italian coordinator of the CNR-BAS bilateral projects “Mesoporous oxides modified with transition metals: Preparation, characterization and applications as catalysts for alcohols dehydrogenation”, 2010-2012 and “Advanced nanostructured catalysts for hydrogen production from biomass and its integration in bio-refineries’ processes.”, 2013-2015. He actively participates (as WP PI or CoI) at FIRB projects; “Accordo Quadro CNR-Regione Lombardia”; etc.


1. M. Marelli, A. Naldoni, A. Minguzzi, M. Allieta, T. Virgili, G. Scavia, S. Recchia, R. Psaro, and V. Dal Santo, Hierarchical hematite nanoplatelets for photoelectrochemical water splitting, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, , 6(15) (2014) 11997.

2.  A. Naldoni, M. Allieta, S. Santangelo, M. Marelli, S. Cappelli, Serena, C.M. Bianchi, R. Psaro, V. Dal Santo, The effect of nature and location of defects on bandgap narrowing in black TiO2 nanoparticles J. Am. Chem. Soc. 134 (2012) 600.

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4.  A. Gallo, T. Montini, M. Marelli, A Minguzzi, V. Gombac, R. Psaro, P. Fornasiero, and V. Dal Santo; H2 production by renewables photoreforming on Au-Pt/TiO2 catalysts, ChemSusChem, 5 (2012) 1800.

5.  V. Dal Santo, A. Gallo, A. Naldoni, M. Guidotti, R. Psaro, Bimetallic heterogeneous catalysts for hydrogen production, Catal. Today 197 (2012) 190.