Dominique Roberto

Full Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at DC UNIMI

Expertise:  inorganic/organic synthesis, spectroscopy, photochemistry


Born in Marseille on July 9th 1961.

Under the guidance of prof. H. Alper of the University of Ottawa, she received the Bachelor with specialization (1984) and the Ph. D. (1989) in Chemistry, earning 24 scientific awards including the gold medal of the General Governor of Canada. In 1987 she collaborated with prof. G.P. Chiusoli, with a fellowship of the Italian Embassy in Canada, In 1989 she was Post-Doctoral NATO Research Fellow at the University of Milan, in the research group of prof. R. Ugo with whom she collaborates since then. In 2006 she became Full Professor for General and Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Milan. She is Coordinator of the PhD in Industrial Chemistry and Member of the Directive Council of the Center of Excellence CIMAINA.

Her research interests are in the following areas:

(1) Synthesis of organic compounds, in particular of heterocyclic compounds, catalyzed by coordination compounds.

(2) Surface organometallic chemistry. For her work she received the “Flavio Bonati” award (SCI, 1996) and the “Federchimica-per un futuro intelligente” award (1998).

(3) Molecular engineering, synthesis and characterization of coordination compounds with second order non-linear optical (NLO) properties.

(4) Molecular engineering and preparation of coordination compounds for luminescent devices (OLED and OLEC) and solar cells (both Graetzel and Bulk Heterojunction).

She is author of 122 publications on highly qualified international journals and of three patents.



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