Fabio Ragaini


Full Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at DC UNIMI

Expertise:  inorganic synthesis and organic synthesis, catalysis

Fabio Ragaini graduated in chemistry in 1987 (cum laude) at Milano University. After a one year fellowship from Istituto G. Donegani he did his PhD under the supervision of Prof. Cenini. After being appointed Assistant Professor at Milano University in 1991, he spent 9 months at The Pennsylvania State University, working with Prof. G. L. Geoffroy. In 1998 he became Associate Professor and since 2011 he is full Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at Milano University

He was chairman of the XI Congress of the Interdivisional Group of Organometallic Chemistry of the Italian Chemical Society, member of the organizing or scientific committee of several national and international congresses, and principal investigator of some industrial research contracts with EniChem and Techint.

Since 2006 he is the delegate of Milano University in the board of Inter-university Consortium on Chemical Reactivity and Catalysis (CIRCC) and since 2010 he is member of the board of the Interdivisional Group of Organometallic Chemistry of the Italian Chemical Society.

Prof. Ragaini is the author of 101 journal articles, all except five on international journals, of one monograph entitled “Catalytic Reductive Carbonylation of Organic Nitro Compounds” (published by Kluwer Academic Publishers), of two chapter books, of 3 patents and of 125 communications to conferences. h-index (WOS) = 28.




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