Maddalena Pizzotti

Full professor of Inorganic Chemistry at DC UNIMI

Expertise:  inorganic and organic synthesis

Prof. Maddalena Pizzotti was born in Milano and took her PhD in Chemistry at Milan University in 1973. After some felloships (Donegani and Ministerial Fellowships), from 1978 she was Assistant at General and Inorganic Chemistry Chair for Chemistry.

From 1983 Associate Professor for Industrial Chemistry.

From 1/10/2002 she is full professor at the Faculty of  Science and Technology and actually she is teacher of General and Inorganic Chemistry for  Industrial Chemistry and of Metallorganic Chemistry for Industrial Chemistry.

She was interested in the following areas:

  • Organometallic chemistry in the low oxidation states
  • Catalytic activity of ruthenium complexes and their reactivity
  • Surface organometallic chemistry
  • Non linear optical activity of organometallic compounds and, in particular, of porphyrinic complexes and of heteronuclear bimetallic systems carrying a p conjugated bridge between the two metals.
  • Synthesis of oligocyclosiloxane rings as rigid and pseudo planar scaffolds similar to the silica surface, with the aim to link covalently NLO active chromophores in order to study the cooperative interaction between the chromophores due to their nanoorganisation.

Actually her research concerns the synthesis and characterisation of porphyrins and metallo porphyrins with a large p delocalisation for their applications in Dye sensitized solar cells (Grätzel cells) and the synthesis of completely fluorinated Er3+ complexes  as photoemitters in the field of telecommunications.

She was Head of the Inorganic, Metallorganic and Analytical Chemistry Department of the Milan University from 2009 to 2012 and she is Coordinator of  many Research Projects.

She has more than 90 publications on international journals with high IF together with many partecipations to National and International Conferences.

She is currently collaborating with many national and international research centres including: University of Milano Bicocca, University of Padova, University of Perugia,  University of Ferrara,  Swiss Federal Institute of Technoloy- Lausanne, University of Cachan (France), University of Roma.



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