Mariangela Longhi

Assistant Professor of Physical Chemistry at DC UNIMI

Expertise: electrochemistry, materials characterization

Mariangela Longhi is researcher of Physical Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Milano. She received her Laurea from the University of Milano in 1995 and her PhD in Chemical Sciences in 1999 with a thesis on Oxide Electrochemistry, that was awarded by the “Oronzio De Nora Foundation” Prize (2000). In 1999 she became Assistant Researcher at the Department of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry of the University of Milan. Since 2004 she is Researcher in Physical Chemistry at the same University. She teaches several classes on Physical Chemistry, Biosensors Applied Electrochemistry. In 2002 she spent a period at the Institut Von Laue-Langevin (ILL) in Grenoble to perform Neutron Diffraction Experiments. Her research interests are in the fields of inorganic and organic electrocatalysis, and preparation/characterization of nanoparticle materials (carbon, conductive oxides, silica). She is author and co-author of 14 papers published on authoritative International journals. She is co-inventor of a PCT, PCT Int. Appl. (2013), WO 2013001040 A1 20130103, obtained under a Cariplo Foundation Grant. She has presented more than 30 contributions to National and International Meetings. Peer reviewer of Fuel Cells. Active member of The International Society of Electrochemistry and Società Chimica Italiana. She was a member of the Organization Committee of the Electrochemical Division of Società Chimica Italiana. She was part of the staff of the “Marie Curie Training Site” (Electrochemistry and Corrosion Science for the Environment), in the framework of the 6th WP of the EU.

She actively participated to several research projects financed by MIUR, Regione Lombardia and Cariplo Foundation (“Sistemi catalitici innovativi esenti da platino per celle a combustibile con membrane a scambio protonico (PEMFCs) per un trasporto sostenibile”, 2008,PI Prof. Leonardo Formaro, “Membrane polimeriche non fluorurate e catalizzatori platinum-free per pile a combustibile (PEMFCs) ad alta efficienza e basso costo”, 2010, PI Prof. Giuseppe Di Silvestro).



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