Emanuela Licandro

Full Professor of Organic Chemistry at DC UNIMI

Expertise:  organic and organometallic synthesis, selective methodology applied to fine chemicals , analytical characterization.

She is author of 135 publications (H-index 22) in the fields of organic and organometallic chemistry for optoelectronics, energy conversion, bioorganometallic chemistry and bioconjugate for sensing and diagnosis.

Scientific Interests: Synthesis and reactivity of heterocyclic compounds. Design and synthesis of PNAs with new structural features suitable for diagnostics applications and as anti-sense agents. Design and synthesis of new functionalized thia-[7]-heterohelicens prepared by innovative methodologies and studied for linear and non linear optical applications. Development of rigid polyconjugated heterocyclic systems for hybrid solar cell. Analysis and structure-property-activity corelations.

Teaching tutoring and invited lecturer: Organic Chemistry courses and Organic Chemistry Labs for Biology, Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry; Advanced courses (Introduction to Nanotechnology, Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds, Applied Organic Chemistry Lab., Concepts and Methodologies of Organic Synthesis – English). Tutor of several undergraduate and Ph.D. students and post-doc fellows. Several lectures and seminars within Italian and foreign PhD Schools, Masters courses, training courses for Pharmaceutical Companies.

Schools and Organization of meetings: 1993-present: Member of the scientific board for the Ph.D. School in Chemical Science. 1995-1998: Summer School A. Corbella, Seminar in Organic Synthesis. 2005-2007: ICOS 12, 12th International Conference on Organic Synthesis, Venezia. 2005-2007: Chairman of the “AttilioCorbella” Summer School. 2006: ISBOMC’06, 3rd International Symposium on Bioorganometallic Chemistry, Milan. 2011-2012 : X Co.G.I.C.O., Padova, and VIII and IX editions of International School of Organometallic Chemistry (ISOC 8, 2011, and ISOC 9, 2013), Camerino, Italy. 2012: Coordinator of the Ph.D. course in Chemical Sciences.

Projects: 2001: COST D14 “Photorefraction with organometallic dipoles in helical environments”. 2001: National Prg. COFIN. National P. 2005-2007: national Prg. PRIN 2005. 2005-2008: national project FIRB 2003: ” Molecular compounds and hybrid nanostructured materials with resonant and non resonant optical properties for photonic devices”. 2008: Prg. PRISMA 2007 ” Porfirine simmetricamente e asimmetricamente sostituite per applicazioni nelle celle solari e nella limitazione ottica. National Prg. PRIN 2009, “Molecular recognition of micro-RNA (miR) by modified PNA: from structure to activity”. 2009: FONDAZIONE CARIPLO “Studio del ruolo dei metalli nella progettazione e utilizzo di nuovi materiali per celle solari organiche di terza generazione”. 2012-2015: CARIPLO FOUNDATION, Call 2011, “Inter-cellular delivery, trafficking, and toxicity of engineered magnetic nanoparticles in macrophages and CNS cells”.. 2011-2013: ENI Donegani of Novara “Materiali organici, molecolari e polimerici per l’impiego in celle solari ibride (DSSCs), in celle organiche (BHJ) e in concentratori solari”


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