Antonella Gervasini


Associate Professor of physical chemistry at DC UNIMI

Expertise:  inorganic experimental physical chemistry, surface chemistry, heterogeneous catalysis

Antonella Gervasini is at present an Associate Professor in Physical Chemistry disciplines at the “Sciences and Technologies” Faculty of the University of Milano (UNIMI) in the Chemistry Department of UNIMI.

Education and Career: She awarded the PhD in Chemical Sciences in 1987. She started working in the field of heterogeneous catalysis in Eni group (S. Donato Milanese). In 1992, she awarded the position of Academic Researcher in UNIMI and then the position of Associate Professor in 2001.

She performed several research stages (1987, 1990, and 1993) at the Institut de Recherches sur la Catalyse of CNRS of Villeurbanne, France, where in 2003, she won the position of “Invited Professor” for six months. She was invited for one month at the University of Lille-1 Sciences and Technology in 2010, with which she has established a five-year framework program with UNIMI; and in 2012 in Nanjing University (China) to start up joint research activities.

Teaching Activities (from 1990): She performs teaching activity in several courses for students of Industrial Chemistry courses of UNIMI, She was supervisor of more than 70 theses of students of UNIMI and of several Ph.D. theses of students of UNIMI, of University of Lyon-I, France, and of University of Lille-1, France.

Financed Research Activity: She participated at numerous Italian Research Programs supplied by funds from the Ministry of University and Public Research and CNR. She gained grants for an UE project (INCO-Copernicus Project 1999-2001); she has been advisory for catalysis of industrial partners (Saint Gobain, France) and she has collaborated and collaborates s with several Italian (Bracco Imaging, Velp) and foreign (Solvay, Belgium) industrial partners. She has been responsible of an Italian-France cooperation program (Galiliée, 2011-2013).

Scientific Activity: The research activity is framed in different subjects of the inorganic physical-chemistry and heterogeneous catalysis. In particular, she was involved in processes of environmental catalysis, de-NOX, de-VOX, catalytic oxidation of methane, in processes of valorization of saccharidic biomass from renewable sources with the use of solid acid catalysts appropriately designed and characterized. The activity is proved by more than 140 scientific papers, by several patents, and by more than 200 contributions to national and international Congresses and Meetings. She is regularly invited as lecturer in several Meetings and in international Schools.


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