Claudia Dragonetti

Assistant Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at DC UNIMI

Expertise:  inorganic/organic synthesis, spectroscopy, photochemistry

Claudia Dragonetti was born in Milan, January 15th 1975; she graduated (July 2000) with 110/110 in Industrial Chemistry at the Università degli Studi di Milano in Prof. Ugo’s Laboratories with a thesis on organometallic Ir(I) complexes with potential electrical properties. In the years 2000-2003 she worked at her PhD thesis in Industrial Chemistry on organometallic complexes with non linear optical properties and electrical properties, under the guidance of Prof. Ugo and Prof.ssa Roberto. During the period November 2003-December 2004 she was “assegnista di ricerca” with Prof. Ugo and since January 2005 she is a researcher CHIM/03 (Chimica generale ed inorganica) at the Dipartimento di Chimica Inorganica, Metallorganica e Analitica “Lamberto Malatesta” at the Università degli Studi di Milano, now Dipartimento di Chimica.

Dr. C. Dragonetti did research in the following areas:

(1) surface organometallic chemistry

(2) synthesis and characterization of coordination compounds with second order non-linear optical (NLO) properties.

(3) synthesis and characterization of neutral organometallic complexes with luminescent properties (and application in OLEDs) and synthesis and characterization of cationic organometallic complexes with luminescent properties (and application in OLECs

(4) preparation and study of new, particularly stable, ruthenium organometallic complexes for DSSCs and preparation of ruthenium and platinum complexes for application in bulk-heterojunction solar cells.

Dr. C. Dragonetti is author of about 50 publications on highly qualified international journals, two Italian patens and one european patent on organometallic complexes for DSSCs and about 60 communications in national and international congresses.



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