Claudia Bianchi

Associate Professor of Industrial Chemistry at DC UNIMI

Expertise: preparation, characterization and test of inorganic materials

 Prof. Bianchi is the leader of the Process and Plants Research Group for Industrial Chemistry at the University of Milan. The Group involves people who have interests in different fields, such as inorganic materials, surfaces science, analytical and physical chemistry, industrial chemistry and separation processes.

Prof. Bianchi’s research group has a multi-disciplinary character. At the moment, different research lines focused both on materials science and technology and plants for biofuels production or separation and extraction processes are active. The competences of the Group deal with design and preparation of solid catalysts and nanomaterials, structure modulation during nanopowders’ syntheses, catalysts deposition techniques on different supports, catalytic and photocatalytic tests and transformation and reactivity of  waste or non-conventional feedstocks.

In particular, the main subjects of the research activity involves the preparation of supported catalysts and the controlled sol-gel synthesis of nanocrystalline powders and their chemical and physical characterization. We are also involved in the study of the chemical effects of ultrasounds and microwaves techniques, both in the preparation of solid materials addressed to industrial applications, and extraction processes of high added value substances from processing wastes.

The kind of research developed in Prof. Bianchi’s laboratories have spillover effects both in the environmental field (the study of the photocatalytic degradation of pollutant molecules both in water and air is carried out) and in the field of energy from renewable sources (biodiesel or greendiesel production from non-fossil sources).

The laboratories are also equipped with PRO/II® process simulation software, a steady-state simulator enabling improved process design and operational analyses. It is designed to perform rigorous mass and energy balance calculations for a wide range of processes for the chemical, petroleum, natural gas, solids processing, and polymer industries.

Many collaboration are active with other researchers communities working at Universities across the world.

Author of 160 original papers on International Journals with IF in the field of applied material science and environmental catalysis (h-index: 27).



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