Anna Bernardi

Full Professor of Organic Chemistry at DC UNIMI

Expertise:  organic synthesis

Anna Bernardi got her PhD in  1986 under the supervision of Prof. C. Scolastico at the University of Milan. She spent two years as a post-doctoral research associate with Prof. W.Clark Still (Columbia University, New York) before returning to Milan, where, in 1990 she became a Researcher of Organic Chemistry at the Department of Organic and Industrial Chemistry, University of Milan. Here she rose through the ranks to become an Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry in 1998, and finally  Full Professor of Organic Chemistry in 2005.

She has presented many communications and invited lectures at national and international symposia, as well as in Universities and industrial research centers in Italy and abroad.  She was a member the Centro di Eccellenza CISI (Centro Interdisciplinare Studi Biomolecolari e Applicazioni Industriali) of the University of Milan. From 2011 to 2013 she served as  the Director of the “Corbella” Summer School in Organic Synthesis of the Italian Chemical Society. She was member of the board of the Computational Chemistry group of the Italian Chemical Society (2006-2008) and she’s currently a member of the board of the Carbohydrate group of the Italian Chemical Society.

She has participated as associated investigator to various cooperative research programs of the Italian Ministery of University and Research (COFIN and FIRB projects) and to various funded cooperative projects of the European Union (1 Twinning grant in the SCIENCE program, and 2 Research Networks in the HCM program). Has been responsible of the Molecular Modeling and Glycomimetic Design programmes of the Marie Curie Training Site DesDisSyn at the University of Milano. Has been the coordinator of the COST D13 Working Group D13/012/00 (Title: Rational Design of Glycomimetics: Design, Synthesis and Evaluation of Mimics of Ganglioside GM1 as Cholera Toxin Ligands) and of the European Network Glycidic Scaffolds (New carbohydrate-derived scaffolds for the generation of bioactive libraries). Is currently a member of the ESR Network CARMUSYS (Carbohydrate Multivalent Systems as tools to study Pathogen interaction with DC-SIGN) and of the COST-D34 working group 0001/05 (Multivalent ligands for cholera toxin inhibition and sensing) and of the COST Action CM1102, MultiGlycoNano.

Her research interest include the stereoselective synthesis of bioactive molecules, the design and synthesis of glycomimetics, the development of new stereoselective synthetic methodology and the computer-assisted molecular design of stereoselective reagents and bioactive molecules.

Fellowships and prizes:

Italian National Research Council (CNR) Post-doctoral Fellowship, May 1987-Jan. 1988, at Columbia University, New York

Medaglia Ciamician Award of the Italian Chemical Society, 1994

Premio alla ricerca – Italian Chemical Society – Organic Chemistry Division, 2010

Total number of publications in refereed journals: 123 (h-index 30, ISI Web of Science)



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