Rita Annunziata

Full Professor of Organic Chemistry at DC UNIMI

Expertise: Spectroscopic Characterization of Complex Organic Molecules


Rita Annunziata obtained a classical education in Milan in 1966 graduated in Chemistry at the University of Milan on 26.09.1971. Assistant professor from 1971 to 1975 and from 1975 to 1983 ordinary assistant at the Chair of Organic Chemistry at the University of Milan. In 1975-76 he carried out his research as a post -doc with Prof. Jean -Marie Lehn (University of Strasbourg , France). Since 2002 she has been Full Professor for the sector CHIM/06 , Organic Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry in Milan, where she currently carries out its activities in teaching and research. Professor Rita Annunziata is the owner of Advanced Course Physical methods in organic chemistry for the Master of Science in Chemistry , Department of Chemistry. She was tutor of numerous experimental thesis for the Master of Science in Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry and she is also Chairman of the Board of Teaching of Chemistry of the University of Milan for 5 years , Member of the Board of the National Conference of Presidents of degree chemical courses, she is also Chairman of CIGA: an interdepartmental center of Milan University, and member of the Faculty of the graduate School in Chemical Sciences, University of Milan. Member of the Board of the Department of Chemistry, University of Milan. The scientific activity concerns: modern applications of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy with particular reference to: a) application of HR- MAS NMR to study systems hydrogelic ; b) CP_MAS application of NMR to the structural definition of materials the study of the structural properties of polymeric materials and oligomers biocompatible the study of non-bonding interactions in aromatic systems parallel and overlapping the investigation of the possibility of controlling the molecular motion synthesis of catalytic systems immobilized on polymer. Design and synthesis of new catalytic species . His research led to the publication of about 176 papers in international journals . He has participated in various conferences of Organic Chemistry submitting communications and poster. She has also given lectures and lectures at various Italian and foreign Universities and Industries.



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