Escapes 2017 call for presentations – panel 5

Quarta conferenza annuale di ESCAPES

Ripensare le migrazioni forzate
Teorie, prassi, linguaggi e rappresentazioni

Parma, 8 – 9 giugno 2017

Refuge, migration, and legal insecurity.
Irregularity and statelessness as risks and state strategies

Proponenti: Édouard Conte (University of Fribourg, Switzerland), Luca Ciabarri (University of Milan, Italy) Continua a leggere

An (Italian) undocumented migrant in New York

We are used to thinking of ‘illegal’ migrants as others from us, so if you are Italian and live in Italy the ‘clandestino’ is always imagined as a dark skinned, male and young person who travelled to Italy by a perilous journey on a rickety boat. More left-leaning Italians add to this image also the fact that the person may have been exploited, smuggled and vulnerable. No doubt, this is true for some, but there are many more routes into the country, more routes into ‘illegality’ and certainly different degrees of poverty, vulnerability and exploitation among undocumented migrants (see Sans Papiers). Continua a leggere