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The call for panels is therefore aimed to bring attention to people who have lived as protagonists in the social processes just outlined: migrants, active individuals and groups from civil society, workers daily engaged in the reception system, researchers – academic and otherwise – that deal with forced migrants from different perspectives and disciplines. What paths, inside and outside the institutional system, are the migrants who recently landed in Europe taking? What are the roots and routes of these global forced migration? What actions and social practices characterize the experience of applying for asylum in this historical moment? What social actors, in what roles and with what effects, have supported or opposed the mobility towards and within Europe? What are the most significant experiences in terms of migrant reception, and what local projects have promoted forms of protection alternative to the emergency logic?

Among these conference topics, great consideration is acknowledged to theoretical and analytical perspectives that support scientific research, especially when they shed light on the methodological issues of research practices and difficulties in the implementation of research results. Indeed, during the conference, the social and political impacts of research on refugees as well as ethical issues will be the objects of discussion and reflection.

Panel proposal submission rules

Panel proposals must be sent to the Scientific Committee by January 30th, 2017. All proposals should be sent to migrazioniforzate@unimi.it with the subject “Escapes Conference 2017“.

Proposals may not exceed 600 words. They must include:

  • a brief description of the contents that the proposer wants to discuss within the panel, preferably already organized as ‘call for presentations‘;
  • a description of the panel format (i.e. scientific paper presentation, case discussion, round-table with panelists, workshop, etc.);

The proposal must also include the name of the proposer(s), their titles, membership institution/organization, a brief curriculum vitae, and the e-mail address of the contact person. Italian will be the official language of the conference. However, panel proposals in English are encouraged in order to facilitate participation of foreign researchers (simultaneous translation will not be available).

Each panel will last 2 hours, with 4 presentations at the most. The conference’s organizing committee reserves the right to merge panels that focus on similar topics (upon consultation of the proposers).


  • January 30th, 2017: call for panels deadline;
  • Mid-February, 2017: notification of panels accepted;
  • Mid-February, 2017: launch of the call for presentations;
  • Early April, 2017: call for presentations deadline;
  • End of April, 2017: notification of accepted presentations and publication of the conference final program.

The conference is organized by “Escapes: Research Centre for Critical Studies on Forced Migrations“, established at the University of Milan, in collaboration with the University of Parma.

Further news and updates on the conference will be published on the website www.escapes.unimi.it

Scientific Committee

Luca Ciabarri, University of Milan; Emanuela Dal Zotto, University of Pavia; Marco Deriu, University of Parma; Elena Fontanari, University of Milan; Tiziana Mancini, University of Parma; Michele Manocchi, Western University, London ON-CA; Chiara Marchetti, University of Milan and Parma; Vincenza Pellegrino, University of Parma; Barbara Pinelli, University of Milano-Bicocca.

Photo: Alessandro Sala, Roma Tiburtina

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