A welcoming message,

The Summer School in Pharmaceutical Analysis (SSPA) is organized by the Intradivisional group of Pharmaceutical Analysis, Division of Medicinal Chemistry, Italian Chemical Society (SCI) and sponsored by the European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry (EFMC).

SSPA is mainly addressed to researchers and PhD students focusing on the different aspects of analysis in drug discovery and development and in drug manufacturing. The course is open to a maximum of 80 students and is held in English.

SSPA 2016 will focus on “Advanced Analytical Methodologies for Biotechnological and Biological medicinal products”. SSPA2016 will start with a regulatory session, followed by four main sessions concerning:

  • analytical methods in the discovery of Biotechnological and Biological medicinal products,

  • analytical methods for the characterization of Biotechnological and Biological medicinal products,

  • analytical methods in the pharmacokinetics of Biotechnological and Biological medicinal products,

  • analytical methods in the manufacturing of Biotechnological and Biological medicinal products.

There will also be a special session dedicated to case reports discussed by R&D managers of companies operating in the field of Biotechnological and Biological medicinal products.

SSPA2016 participants can choose between two registration packages: an all inclusive registration or a basic registration, this latter not including accommodation.

I hope you find this program of interest and we welcome to the School, scientists and PhD students .


Giancarlo Aldini

Chair of SSPA

Department of Phamaceutical Sciences

Università degli Studi di Milano


School program and details will be published soon

Confirmed speakers (alphabetic order)

  • Luigi Colombo; Adjunct Professor at the University of Milan and Managing Director, Biopharma, Global Research & Development- Merck Serono SpA
  • Carlo Emanuele Giartosio; Biosimilars and Early Phase Senior Manager; Analytical System Center of Expertise; Global Manufacturing & Supply – Merck Serono SpA
  • Ira Krull; Professor Emeritus, Northeastern University’s Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, USA
  • Drew N. Kelner, President, Colorado Biotechnology Consultants, USA; former Global Head of Analytical Sciences at Amgen.
  • Juergen Kettenring, former Associate Director Teva Pharmaceuticals, Analytical Development
  • Paola Minghetti; Professor of Pharmaceutical Technology and Legislation at the University of Milan, Italy
  • Flavio Peroglio Associate Director Biopharma, Merck
  • Riccardo Palmisano; President of Assobiotec and CEO of Molmed
  • Koen Sandra; Research Institute for Chromatography, Belgium



Borse di studio

3 borse di studio, che coprono registrazione e soggiorno per giovani soci, non strutturati (dottorandi, assegnisti, borsisti, volontari o giovani ricercatori dipendenti da Enti di Ricerca non accademici) nati dopo il 16 settembre 1981, iscritti alla Società Chimica Italiana e membri effettivi o aderenti della Divisione di Chimica Farmaceutica alla data di invio della relativa domanda.

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